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v1.9.9.2 is now live on google play, this fixes the marker float issue, makes the landing net a bit bigger and shrinks some textures making the memory usage and download smaller.

I'm still looking into the floating fish issue but I can't reproduce it here unfortunately.

Please can you confirm the marker float is working properly? Cheers
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When’s the iOS update coming

Marker float works mate

My comments r blockd

Mine still crashes at 90% and goes back to home screen

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Update v1.9.9.0 is now live. Hopefully it fixes the black screen issue, the reel stopping reeling and the venues on lower quality settings should be a bit faster too. ... See MoreSee Less

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Had a couple of issues casting control's to sharp

You've been busy today Steve. Top work again and on a Sunday. Thank you 😊😊

Still the same for me 90% load crashing back to home screen

Crash after catch at all venues s7 edge

Landing fishbowl the river takes ages. Not sure if this is right or not but get the line in the net as usual but won't catch for ages.

Not fish bowl lol just fish hahaha

Als ik een vis vang komt er geen geld bij ik heb bv 1000 ik stop de sessie en dan heb ik ineens 950 ik speel met Huawei mate 10 lite android 7

Darren Boswelll

My friend just signed in on his tablet and it’s saying he’s has 4500 coins and has no pools but on his phone he has 333,620 and he has everything?

Bonjour plusieurs poissons non validé suite a la dernière mise a jour et donc perte d argent

Reel's working fine now.

It's Good now😊😇

Im a admin on a chance guys iv just got myself a tablet and it what download my money

Quen je fai des carpe jai plus d'argent

Hi on the game there is fps at the bottom of the screen what does it mean

Frames per second

Is as far as my game will load 90% crashes back to home screen I've tried different settings I've tried all the updates need help today so as I can play the game please and thank you or could you please release the last update again as I rebooted my phone and deleted all app stuff

Pojelo mi je 1000 novčića sranje,,

Looks and feels alot better, obviously some stuff to work on but have to expect that with an update, well done Steve it's alot better 😁

my game is crashing when is tart a lake then stop the game plz help me lz

Try to get onto lakes and game crashes and it goes to home screen

Having issues again here, this is what happens after releasing a fish,Moto X Play android 6.0.1 graphics low. V1.9.9.1

Hi Steve. Sorry to say still crashing on my tablet. Acer A3-A20. 10.1 inch Android 4.4.2 Quad core 1.3GHz. But on the upside it's working great on My galaxy note4.

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Uploaded v1.9.8.8. and it's now live. Hopefully fixes the venue loading issues. Please let me know if it works for you. ... See MoreSee Less

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No update

Check again no update o mine checked again now downloading

Reel stops reeling in , line is to light and cannot see it and when fish are released screen still goes black other than that good update

Did you change the lakebeds at all? Can't find the gravel or weed spots that I fished on Constable?

Works great thx Steve 😁😁

Loading issue fixed with gunthorpe venue. Loads everytime. Thankyou

Iv done the up date. I press go fishing on chosen lake (whiskers ) the blue fish gets to 80 percent then game crashes. Help plz

Now we can fish there great👍

Only issue I've found is the reel animation and sound stops working 5-10 seconds after a fish is on. Moto X Play, Android 6.0 1.

Lost all my details for it with purchases ECT

Not seen an update option yet? iOS, yes?

Hi just done the up date and every time I try to go on a lake it loads to 90 percent and closes down

Ive lost my profile now

Iv re installed the game but still crashing when going to a lake please answer me

my lakes will not loading then the game is crashing

plz answer me

when i going to a lake the game still crashing

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Pleased to announce that V1.9.8.6 is now live on Google Play! The Apple version will be updated in about a week. ... See MoreSee Less

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Excellent, thanks for the update on the update, you confident all will be good, hope so after the hard work that’s gone into it 👍

Oh hell yeah!!! Thanks for greating the best game with the best content, download in progress!

I can't purchase on my Google play so there's no way of me getting the new stuff , any way of doing it with coins?

Just had a quick look, very nice. Well done guys

Mine crashes on blue fish loading page

Bait boat bugs on gigantica

Also game crashes loading rivers on s7 edge

Been on all pegs and get this

Love it mate. I fish st John's at linear all the time. Hope the big cat is in there.

Hi I purchased the river pack but gun Thorpe gets to 90% then closes the game. The other river works fine

Nice work !!!

Please derikoi give me a ring I'm having some very weird issues that will need more explanation than a written one. But basically installed on more than one device with one email but they won't completely sync and crashes on my tablet. I have had your app for so long and love it so much fully appreciate all your hard work and hate too lose all my stuff.

Acer tablet Android version 4.4.2 Quad core 1.3 Fix 1 gb ram Any good. Was perfect on last version.

Need help game keeps crashing fix to 90% tried uninstalling and reinstalling try different settings still not working

Having problems on gigantica with the bait boat. Gets stuck close in to the bank

black screen when I release the fish impossible to replay forces to leave the game and start again

Had to uninstall as kept kicking me off on loading now won't let me log in after reinstall keeps saying email already exists although using username n password n double screens when I press back can't go back to previous version now either until this update is stable 😕 shame as it looks ace

mise à jour sur pc aussi avec steam,s'il vous plait,merci?🤤

Zachary Smith

Everytime I release a fish after taking a picture the game stops, doesn't stop if I don't take a pic.

St dons not working it loads and then throws me out off the game

Like the new estate lake

Brendon Draisbach

Cant use the boat on tree line in gigantica

Nice Update 😍 But i dont see my lines and if the line breaks, the roll will not work but i can catch the fish anyway :p

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Nice trout, nice beard!

Nice trout, nice beard! ... See MoreSee Less

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should I wait another week for updating

What will be the time difference between android and iOS update?

When ?

sorry translation of google translation

Fabio Fagnani hai provato?io non ho ancora giocato ma non ho avuto aggiornamenti quindi non so se ci sono o no

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Just in case you were wondering what's been added in the upcoming update, here's a list:

Multiple languages
New menu system
Advanced water
New controls
Switched to playfab data storage
View leaderboards from profile
Leaderboards auto reset each month
2 weekly competitions - total weight and total fish - coin prizes awarded each week
Competition trophy count
Fish any date and time but only earn coins & enter competitions/leaderboards in real time mode.
All fish have new models
New ambience sounds
2 New lake venues
2 River venues
9 new fish species
New fish AI
Seasonal changes of venues
Character creator
New Float Rod
Can take the marker float out with the bait boat
Added session log when you leave the venue
Can now choose what bait is in your spod and baitboat

Numerous bug fixes
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There’s a lot of work gone into that fella. The bug fixes are the key for me although some pretty exciting new features. Nice 👍

Guys i got a problem cant get back on my account cheers in advanced

Can’t wait 👍

Taking the marker float is a massive plus for me, along with the stuck fish being rectified, thanks

I might come bk to it again

When ?

Don’t ask when the update is due, I’m sure it’s not far away and we will be informed when it’s going to happen!!

Top work that fella can’t wait

Have waited so long to choose spod and baitboat baits! Cannot wait!!

Is these updates on ios aswell mate

Hi since getting my phone upgrade if logged in my account but can't open any venues to fish any help would be appreciated thanks john

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7 days ago

Carp Fishing Simulator
Another venue completed, this time a Canal.

Another venue completed, this time a Canal. ... See MoreSee Less

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It would be nice to see hedges, reeds and tow paths like a typical canal, I like the boats etc very good

I am playing version I can not get out of the camera when I take a picture but I have a Turkish language background

Looks ace this new update I'm excitedly awaiting any idea how long until you publicly release it for android.

It would be nice if apple iPad got updates

Is there an android update coming up?

Is that a float?

how much is the size update of the game

Quinten Korthof

Will the android update be in the play store...

When do you plan on bringing it to Xbox and PS4

Good day, where game download what page?

Will it be on android

Callum Jones

Brought this game for iPhone but now on samsung. Do I have to buy again??

Is this venue now on the mobile version when updated?

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Seasonal changes will be in the upcoming update.

Seasonal changes will be in the upcoming update. ... See MoreSee Less

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When for android?

Looks awesome mate can't wait for update.

when android update

Ça serait sympa de rajouter pourquoi pas la possibilité de faire manger son avatar avec un réchaud

1 week ago

Carp Fishing Simulator
Couple of nice fish as the light fades on the new lake.

Couple of nice fish as the light fades on the new lake. ... See MoreSee Less

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When pc update?

Loving the Rudd

Whens the Android update

When is the iOS update? Please

Any possibility of some monster stergeon added to gigantica and a little easier?

Nicolaas MaaNuu bientot nouveaux poisson et nouveaux lac 😁

Bonjour je joue a se jeux quel quin peut me donner des conseils merci

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The Gunthorpe venue looks nice in Autumn

The Gunthorpe venue looks nice in Autumn ... See MoreSee Less

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Is this a new venue for all the devices?

Looks great, when will the next android update be?

Wow. Looks awesome. Here's hoping the venue fishes as good as I made out.

When comes the new updates to the pc ? Last update june 2017

When are you doing upgrade for ipad

Tommy Green

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Nice Eel

Nice Eel ... See MoreSee Less

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when update for pc ?

When upgrade for android

Thats what she said.

It’s abit stiff eels are slippery buggars

Update for iPad plz

please update for iOS there are a lot of bugs thank you

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Heres the new species that will be in the next update. Can you name them all?

Here's the new species that will be in the next update. Can you name them all? ... See MoreSee Less

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I don't know the name to all of them but I love it!

Trout, ide , tench, roach, crucian, rudd, eel, grayling, barbel, what do I win ? 😂

Is it coming to console and if so any idea when

When it coming for pc?

Any idea when the Android update will be?

Whats the latest version

Is the new update on android tablet


Nice one 😀

People just wait, he is doing all this so that we can enjoy the game even more. So give him time and leave him so that he can do what he must

Tarik Cetin

Nicolaas MaaNuu

Love the eel

Rainbow trout, bream? Tench, grayling chub?? Crucian carp eel barbel and golden tench

Ryan Hills


Callum Mackinnon

Any news on iOS update ?

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Due to popular demand, Im working on adding this to the next update.....look closely below the rod tip

Due to popular demand, I'm working on adding this to the next update.....look closely below the rod tip ... See MoreSee Less

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When will it come to console

Float fishing?

Will this be on the I pad mate


Is the new update on android

When this out for pc bud

Float fishing?

Wish the water looked like that on mobile version.

Probs android iOS is miles behind

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I'm busy adding another 9 species to the 11 that's already in the game. Can you guess what they are? ... See MoreSee Less

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In the water ? 😉

Hopefully on the bank.


When is the iOS update out?

Hoping for grouper and Arapaima???

I hope they are not getting stuck in the pads like on giantica 😡

They do come out just have to be patient. Drop the rod and wait.

Any new update coming for ios

Been fishing giantica for 2 years and still blanked!! 🤔

minnow ?


Rainbow Trout!!


Golden orfe



Sturgeon Zander

Brown Trout, Grayling , Salmon 😁

wie bekomme ich das Spiel auf dem pc?

Ghost carp



I was logging in Again, and When i logged In, al My money and gear was gone.. can you help me out ?

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Added the Barbel species to the game, looks great to me!

Added the Barbel species to the game, looks great to me! ... See MoreSee Less

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How do I download on my Mac

When update mobile?

When update on iOS

The New Zander model in the game. Thats all the existing species updated to new models, now for some new species.

The New Zander model in the game. That's all the existing species updated to new models, now for some new species. ... See MoreSee Less

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When will the update be?

New record

Grouper would be amazing mate.

This may well be the future for many anglers, the way the otters are going ☹

Dá se podle něčeho dohledat moje přihlašovací jméno? Děkuji

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The New Sturgeon model is looking good

The New Sturgeon model is looking good ... See MoreSee Less

Nice Golden Tench!

Nice Golden Tench! ... See MoreSee Less

New Tench model is looking good in the game.

New Tench model is looking good in the game. ... See MoreSee Less

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Is there ain't tips on the android version?

Update on iPad please

Hol lehet letölteni

1 month ago

Carp Fishing Simulator
So the next fish to be modelled is the Rainbow Trout.

So the next fish to be modelled is the Rainbow Trout. ... See MoreSee Less

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Yes !!!

It's possible Sturgeon ? Please and improve the pictures quality for Android please thank's

Dude! No way?! That's gonna be so dope!

nice one 🙂

will this game be comeing on ps4

Is this game coming to Xbox one

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Small river Carp

Small river Carp ... See MoreSee Less

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Looks brill

have more to come update

I've decided to hold back the latest mobile update to add a few more venues with some new species, which new species would you like to see? ... See MoreSee Less

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Depends what kind off venues any foreign one should do a lake like jurasic mountain in thailand😉

Depends indeed on the could make eal or Trouts like make a lake for ultra light fishing or something?

Thailand lake like gillhams fishing resort

Large mouth bass

Carp is the only fish i want.

Salmon nile perch

Tiger fish

Electric eel

Watch river monsters plenty of ideas on there

River Ebro

Why any exotics? Easier level on Giantica to do

Woodland waters.

Chub barbel and also floater fishing

The bigger the better!!!

I want to improve on this beast

River ebro and st jhons lake as venue and maybe some float fishing would be nice and some barbelfishing on a river

Monster stergeon would be awesome. And maybe the most spectacular Arapaima 👍👋

Surface fishing


Red tails like to these I caught last year

Smallmouth Buffalo they are a trophy fish over here in a American Pay lakes

Some mighty rivers in the UK. My favourite is lady Trent for her majestic barbel.

Does that mean the update that is on android at present is not being released properly on both android and IOS?

quand la mise a jour pc?que des mises a jour sur mobile et android cela commence a être ennuyeux! pas de mise a jour depuis plus d'un an sur pc avec steam! merci de repondre.


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Next completed fish model is the Gudgeon. Only a small species but good fun on light tackle.

Next completed fish model is the Gudgeon. Only a small species but good fun on light tackle. ... See MoreSee Less

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New user I'm getting Snapd on evry take. What's the best clutch setting plz.

Hi is there any new updates for android?

hello there was an update in January when will be published

is this for mobile version

The winner of our recent competition is Malcolm Davis, congratulations! Please send a DM to claim your prize.

Thanks to all those who entered.
... See MoreSee Less

Yes you can get a bit crazy with the upcoming character creator. Hulk anyone? 😂

Yes you can get a bit crazy with the upcoming character creator. Hulk anyone? 😂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Looks good and fun too 😁👌 will there also the new fish models or is it only for pc and android

This looks amazing is there a time frame for the update that’s being test coming across to IOS

Whens it due might play the game again

Wish 8 could try it...updated my phone now it says I gotta pay again...robbing bastards

Every time I come out of the game I lose coins and now I have none. I had 1800 earlier, I've got all the tackle and 4 venues. I haven't used them for anything but they keep disappearing every time I go back on??

Dont know about hulk... but should be stood with a huge tin of sweetcorn

Green Giant

When will the upgrade be done on androids?

Cracking carp on gigantica ☺️👊🏽👏🏽🎣

2 in one night

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In the next mobile update, youll be able to design your own character.

In the next mobile update, you'll be able to design your own character. ... See MoreSee Less

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😍😍😍 Who is She???

Yeah finally

Look forward to seeing this new android update on iOS

Hell yeah

happy days 🤣 every fishaman a stoner tho right and sum lights wen u cast of a nite time be nice lol so hard in dark for that bait boat aswell

I first need to upgrade my phone ... running into trouble when i have the advanced water setting enabled 🙁

when for pc update

Ettiene C Von Rauenstein

Friends multiplayer

Luke Derbyshire Nathan Clarkson


Cet pour quand la mise à jour

Joep Maassen

Michael Weingardt

Sofy Asecas

Scott Coles Kyle Stone

Cedric Sanchez

😂😂 Any recent updates on the pc version

wow this game is shite

When the up date coming out on iOS

Jack Short

Callum Baxter Scott Trigg

You have neglected the pc version where you got all yoir revenue from , charging stupid amounts for a game that does nothing , no updates , but i paid triple the price , its robbery

Tim Ryan Bob Springate


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The next fish is done. The Grayling.

The next fish is done. The Grayling. ... See MoreSee Less

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can you add some trout to the game, would be nice.

wen the pc update been so long

Want to test the latest android version of CarpFishSim?

Limited to 1000 testers, sign up to test below, but please remember it's a BETA and will have BUGS which could affect your game progress, don't download if you're not happy with this. Don't forget to leave CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK.

... See MoreSee Less

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Have you got an update coming out on iOS soon cheers

Brian van Grol

Oliver Golding

Is there even gonna be an iOS update

Will there be an beta for PC Carp Fishing Simulator

Peg 14 Big Girls. Fish stuck in pads been 15mins now. Didnt have this issue before only now in new beta. Running on samsung s7 edge.

wait a few minutes, then the line suddenly comes loose. I have almost every time on peg 14

Ditto on above had it previously..... Any free coins for testing? Reinstate my solar and bait boat etc....


Danny Wood

Well played a bit and I have to say.. it's a good improvement.. loving the new models and the water is looking fab. Although I think the shine on the water can be a little to much from a distance (could possibly be my old arse fone) Also having an issue where is I get a break I can no longer look in any direction, I can walk around fine but will not let me look.. Anyways.. just some feedback, loving the game 😁😁 Thanks Derk Oh and LOVE the new Logo!!!

The new fish look brilliant good work 🎣

Karl Smith Karl Robertson Donny Robertson

Tried adding it is it build 43?

Or when do I recieve an update Derk?

It's not coming up with bata tester as sign up

Just been on ladyforest and found a bug. While reeling in a fish on a number of occasions I lost the ability to look around. I could still walk but not move rod/look. Once the fish is landed the controls returned. Also its nice now to be able to strike another rod while releasing a fish. Before I lost a few due to this so happy with that.

Is there anyway a couple of entry points be put on Giantica. If I want to fish a back peg it takes ages to walk there and then find a person fishing. Quitting the session and having to do the long walk again is a pain. Maybe 2 or 3 choices spread around the lakes would be very handy.

Hi guys is there an update for the iPad coming out,if so when,,cheers

New update looks very good a massive improvement on quality Derk, a couple of issues. 1- Unable to see fishing line while night fishing. 2- I personaly feel the right hand side movement is great but moves too quickly which makes dificult to line up fishing rods with marker float. 3- Boat speed is very quick but again difficult to control. Could a light be placed on boat?

Bug.....Just been on whisker lake and hooked into a fish. Thought I'd have a play with clutch setting and snapped off, in doing so lost the ability to look around. The only way to stop this was to quit session and restart.

Les poisson son toute de la même taille dommage est l'eau n'es pas réaliste dommage sinon nikel

Where is the leather carp Barbel ??!

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Another angle of the lake...

Another angle of the lake... ... See MoreSee Less

Rendered a 360 screenshot of one of the lakes.

Rendered a 360 screenshot of one of the lakes. ... See MoreSee Less

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Is this the mobile version

What version?

When are u going to improve and update iOS? Really needs it especially as we pay for it

Tomm Herbert look at the graphics since the last time we played

You need to bring this out on Xbox pal.

Faut peut être améliorer la version mobile au mieu de toucher que a la version pc la version mobile ont dirais un jeu pour enfant

Pierre Gges

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