Welcome to Dangerous Derk Interactive

Welcome to the official website of Dangerous Derk Interactive, a UK Independent video game development company formed in 2014.

Mostly we release simulations of sports like our extremely popular Carp Fishing Simulator

The company is tiny, in fact it’s just one person!

Latest News & Dev Logs

We sometimes find the time to post the latest happenings to the site. Here are a few of the latest posts.

We welcome Fanatec as an official sponsor

We’re exited to announce Fanatec as an official sponsor of Stock Car Simulator! Fanatec’s generous support means Stock Car Racer will support Fanatec products! If you don’t know, Fanatec make[…]

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Wishlist Stock Car Simulator on Steam

Stock Car Simulator is now available to wishlist on Steam:

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Trak Racer sponsors Stock Car Simulator

We are pleased to announce Trak Racer as an official sponsor of Stock Car Simulator! Trak Racer make excellent equipment from wheel stands to full on cockpit simulators and everything[…]

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