A little more info on the iOS version of CFS

A little more info on the iOS version of CFS

Recently I was forced by Google to update Carp Fishing Simulator on Android devices. This wasn’t planned as some of you know I’m working on the PC version and then console version but I needed to make a new build to bring my game on Android up to 64bit otherwise Google would stop selling it. Obviously after I released the Android update I had a lot of Apple users asking where their update was and I thought I’d make this post so they understand what’s going on as it’s not so simple.

So like Google, Apple force developers to use their latest software when we make updates. The last time I released an update for the Apple version of CFS I found (along with many developers) an issue. The game worked fine before but after updating to the latest software Apple were telling us to, the game started crashing. Long story short, the new software is telling the players device that our games were using 3 times more memory than before which is not true and as a result some devices that do not have memory big enough to support that & so the game was crashing. You can read about the issue here but basically it was never fixed. So if i were to release an update now many players who’s current game works fine would find it doesn’t and would start crashing when trying to load the game. I can’t do that I’m afraid, it’s not fair to my customers.

So where does that leave me and you? Nowhere really unfortunately. I can’t risk updating the Apple version of the game and breaking it for potentially thousands of players. So unless Apple change on this I won’t be releasing an Apple update for CFS. Sorry all but it’s out of my hands.

I hope this helps you to understand the reason for no Apple update being released.

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