ARDrone Sim – The future?

Well, a lot has happened since the release of ARDrone Sim. I’ve just got back from a camping trip & now it’s time to knuckle down for the updated versions for both Android & iOS, so what’s in store?


  • The iOS version will have the accelerometer fix that will take in to account the angle the device is at when the stage begins when using ’tilt mode’, this is already in the Android release.
  • A new desktop version that will support joysticks and hopefully the Macgyver mod handset (mine has been stuck in customs so I cannot confirm this yet).


These updates will be available ASAP and will take longer to appear on iOS due to Apples approval routine.

[styled_box]Another issue I’ve been seeing is the buttons and joysticks (HUD) are not showing up on Motorola Droid Bionic devices. No idea why but as a result it needs a complete redesign of the interface and will take some time. Look out for the next update (v3.0) which should fix this issue![/styled_box]