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We welcome Fanatec as an official sponsor

We’re exited to announce Fanatec as an official sponsor of Stock Car Simulator! Fanatec’s generous support means Stock Car Racer will support Fanatec products! If you don’t know, Fanatec make some of the best steering wheels and pedals on the market and we can’t wait to start testing!

Wishlist Stock Car Simulator on Steam

Stock Car Simulator is now available to wishlist on Steam:

Trak Racer sponsors Stock Car Simulator

We are pleased to announce Trak Racer as an official sponsor of Stock Car Simulator! Trak Racer make excellent equipment from wheel stands to full on cockpit simulators and everything in-between. Their support will allow testing wheels on Stock Car Simulator to be more thorough.

Carp Fishing Simulator Free for a Week!

Carp Fishing Simulator on Android and iOS will be completely free from Saturday 22 Jan 2022 – Saturday 29 Jan 2022. It’s a great time to become a player! Download the Android version here Download the iOS version here

Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you a Happy New year, please stay safe.

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! 🎄 🎅 ☃

Adding more foliage to the PC version

As I continue to work on the PC version, one thing that needed to be improved upon over the mobile version was the graphics. I’ve been adding extra foliage to the venues, which will be adjustable in the settings for those who have less powerful machines. I think it’s looking great so far….

Carp Fishing Simulator leaves Steam Early Access

After many years, Carp Fish Sim has finally left Steam’s early access. This means that whilst updates and bug fixes will still happen, no major changes to the game will take place. It also marked a price increase as promised when the game first went live all the way back in 2015. As glamorous as…
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Carp Fishing Simulator PC update is now released!

Hey all, v2.2.5 is now available. If you’ve played the mobile version you’ll notice it’s very similar with the following differences: No IAPs, all items can be purchased via in game coins, all coins are earned from catching fish. Multiplayer is unlocked by default and yes, it’s cross platform so you can play with those…
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PC Version Status

I ‘ve been working away on the PC version again after updating the mobile version. Instead of creating a completely new version of the PC version, I’m using the same mobile project. This has allowed me to keep both the upcoming PC and the mobile version at the same level, with the same features and…
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