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Lookout Towers

For a while now I’ve wanted to add lookout towers to Carp Fish Sim. Today I finally added them. Not all venues will have them but if they do you can climb them and look across the lake for signs of fish. Here’s a couple of screenshots from the PC version.

More screenshots

Here’s a few screenshots of the PC version of the game. I’ve been adding little graphical tweaks to the textures and materials.

New Tackle Items

One of the most popular requests for Carp Fish Sim is new tackle items. Rods, reels, bivvies etc. Previously, the way I’d set up the materials to increase performance on mobile phones, meant that creating new tackle items wasn’t trivial however as time has gone by, technology improves and mobile phones have gotten more powerful…
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Pinetree Lake Remastered

I’ve been working on remastering the older venues to make them look and feel better than the originals, some of which, like Pinetree Lake have been around in the same untouched state since the games release in 2014! As I work on them I try to keep as much as possible the same as the…
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Fish Finder v2

As many of you know the v1 fish finder isn’t great and over the years I’ve tried to make a fish finder that looked and acted more like a real fish finder. Finally after years of trying on and off, I’ve managed to create something I’m happy with! Take a look at the video below: