Carp Fishing Simulator PC update is now released!

Carp Fishing Simulator PC update is now released!

Hey all, v2.2.5 is now available.

If you’ve played the mobile version you’ll notice it’s very similar with the following differences:

No IAPs, all items can be purchased via in game coins, all coins are earned from catching fish.

Multiplayer is unlocked by default and yes, it’s cross platform so you can play with those on mobile.

Graphics are higher resolution. They could be better and I’ll work on improving them in the near future

Your mobile data is not compatible with the Steam version of the game.

Game has full controller support as well as mouse/keyboard

There are still some known issues I have to fix/add. These include:

No way to change your controls

Pinetree lake is remastered on PC and so is not able to be played online against anyone on mobile until the mobile version is also updated

Leaderboards in your profile page do not work yet

I plan on posting the controls in the Community, but eventually I’ll add in game prompts etc

As always please report any bugs/issues on the Steam community and hope you enjoy it!

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