Welcome to the official Carp Fishing Simulator website. We are currently improving the website so some pages may not contain much information.
Carp Fish Sim is the leading fishing simulator & is available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android phnoes & tablets. It’s also planned for release on Sony Playstation 4 & Sony PSVita.

Carp photos wanted

Do you want to help CFS become a better simulator? Great, read on..

When a species model is made for carp fish sim a photo of the side of the fish is used, this makes […]

New forum & accounts

I’ve had to completely delete and restart the forums and user database. This was because of two issues, spammers registering 100s of accounts & a bad conversion from the old forum which corrupted the […]

Steam Greenlight

Some of you may know already but Carp Fishing Simulator is on Steam Greenlight.

So if you use Steam, please head over to this page and vote for Carp Fish Sim on Steam. Thanks.


Moving forwards

So one of the main criticisms of Carp Fish Sim was the lack of being able to reel in after you cast out. I didn’t initially add it as I thought it might of […]

Latest goings on..

So, I’ve been super busy working on Carp Fish Sim (as usual) & these blogs will allow me to let you know what’s been going on.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to go in […]