When you start fishing, you’ll need to walk towards a peg. Use the left joystick to walk around and the right joystick to look around.

Walk up to a peg and a menu will pop up telling you the name of the peg. Hit the button to fish it or walk away to choose another peg.

When you select a peg you’ll see your gear in your peg. You start with 1 rod & reel, rod pod, a landing net & unhooking mat. You earn cash for every fish you catch and can purchase extra tackle from the virtual tackle shop from the main menu.

A menu will pop up with all your tackle choices, select the ones you’d like to use and click the green tick button to continue.

To use a rod click the “Equipment” button at the top center of the screen. Then click the button that corresponds to the rod/item you want to use, in this case we’ll use rod one, so click the “1” button.

When you use a rod, you’ll see two buttons at the top left & top right of the screen. “Strike” and “Cast”. Move somewhere and look at the direction you’d like to cast. Hold the “Cast” button and release when you think you have enough power. Practice makes perfect so repeat until you get a feel for the power meter.

Once you’re happy, press the “Equipment” button again and then press the “1” button again to put the rod in the rod pod.

You are now fishing.

When you get a bite or run as it’s normally known, your alarm will sound and the led lights on the alarm will flash.

Quickly press the “Equipment” button followed by the “1” button to pick up the rod, then press the “Strike” button comprar levitra generico. If you did this successfully you’ll have a fish on.

To be continued…..