Do you want to help CFS become a better simulator? Great, read on..

When a species model is made for carp fish sim a photo of the side of the fish is used, this makes the fish look realistic.

If you have any photos of fish you’ve caught, preferably without being held, in good even lighting & high quality then I’d love to use them in the game to provide more variety.

Here’s a couple of perfect examples:



As you can see from the images above, the side of the fish are clearly visible and the lighting and quality is even.

Here’s a bad example of what cannot be used:


As you can see in the image above, the fish isn’t in the correct angle and is being held with parts of the fish covered. The lighting is pretty good even though it was taken in the night, due to using a flash.

So how do I help cliquez içi?

If you have any existing photos that you think can be used, please upload them to a photo hosting website like and email the link(s) using the contact form on this website. You will be given credit for your contribution(s) in the games credits, so please include your name you would like to be used in your email.

You can send images of mirror carp, ghost carp, leather carp, linear carp, koi carp & common carp.

Thanks for your help, any questions feel free to email or leave a comment below.