Create A Bait is Carp Fishing Simulator’s bait creation tool. You can download it from the links below:

Download “Create A Bait - Windows” – Downloaded 17583 times –

Once installed you’ll see 2 desktop shortcuts. One ‘Create A Bait’ is used to run the tool, the other ‘Created Baits’ is where your baits will be once you’ve created them.

Please note, if you save your baits and they’re not showing in the ‘Created Baits’ folder then try running Create A Bait as an Administrator.

To use your created baits in Carp Fishing Simulator simply copy your bait files from the ‘Created Baits’ folder to the ‘Custom’ folder in your Steam installation folder. eg <Your path to Steam>\SteamApps\common\Carp Fishing Simulator\Carp Fish Sim_Data\_Baits\Custom