So, I’ve been super busy working on Carp Fish Sim (as usual) & these blogs will allow me to let you know what’s been going on.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to go in to a little more detail as to why the update I’m working on for the PC/Mac is taking so long. To make Carp Fish Sim I use various software plugins that allow me to do different things, some of these plugins had various issues that I found and the developers (peoiple who made) those plugins stopped making updates and removed them from sale. I used those plugins to bring Carp Fish Sim to you. I basically had to remove them and start most of the game from scratch montrer. This isn’t ideal but other than scrap the game it was my only choice.
The thing is, when I changed parts of the game to the new system, it broke other parts and so on. Anyway, I’m making really good progress and here are the things I’ve added/changed

  • Character creation – you can now create a character and when you catch a fish, your character will pose with the fish.
  • Online fishing – You can fish online and chat via text with other people fishing. You’ll see other bivvies in the pegs with that players name over it.
  • New weather system – The weather system calculates the temperatures and weather for each day
  • New graphics – I’ve been working to improve the graphics for the game including hiring a 3d artist to make awesome new rods, reels, bivvies, chairs, fish, clothing & alarms.
  • New control system – You can now changeĀ all the keys how you like them and the control system is more realistic, you can creep, walk or run around.
  • New fish AI – fish now behave more realistic and you can scare them by running around the lake.
  • Online log in system – To play online you need to create an account on this site, you can do that in the game menu or on the website though this link.
  • More fish. Catfish, Koi, Sturgeon, Common Carp

There’s no doubt more to add to that list that I’ve forgotten but you get the idea. Work is continuing and it’s getting closer to a release for this update. Once this PC update is released, I’ll be updating the mobile version which will have most of the new stuff the PC version has.

One last thing, in updating the website and forum to this new one, things got a little screwed up, you might see forum posts that were not made by the person it says it is, just ignore it, i can’t do anything about it.

To use your old forum account on the new forum, please click the forgot password button and enter a new password.
Tight lines.