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Carp Fishing Simulator

Well after over a year of on and off development, finally things are beginning to take shape at a rapid rate. Scrapped is the old 2d version, everything is in 3d now and the player can wander around the lake and fish where they choose to.

Check out the official facebook page for videos and images of Carp Fishing Simulator in action.


Invaderz of Doom Lite released on Android

The lite (free demo) version of Invaderz of Doom is now live on Google Play. here

The iOS free and paid version as well as the Android paid version will be available soon.

Fishing Simulator in the works?

Having been a fan of the excellent Fishing Simulator 2 since 2000, I’m toying with the idea of making my own Fishing Simulator.

Here’s a screenshot of what I have so far, after a couple of hours ‘experimenting’:

A very rough screenshot.

So what do you guys think? Is it something you’d like to see?


New mobile game “Flutter” – work in progress video

I’ve been working on another mobile game in the down time from working on my other games & updating ARDrone Sim. (phew!)

Anyway, it’s a game that you play by tilting your device and the aim of the game is to collect the petals before the time runs out &/or the Bees kill you. There’s various collectables along the way and the full version will include different butterflies you can control, each with different characteristics.


ARDrone Sim v3.1 now available

Version 3.1 is now available from Google Play and the Apple App Store. It adds and whole new user interface with graphics quality options, on iOS it adds the tilt control neutral calibration which was already on the Android version.

Anyway, stop reading this and go get it!!

Updating ARDrone Sim

I’m currently in the process of updating ARDrone Sim to v3.0, the reason it’s taking so long is because I’m completely reprogramming the user interface (all the buttons and menus) and although it doesn’t sound like a large task it really is.

So… be patient. :)

New game on the horizon

Well, it might be a little way off yet but I’ve began work on a new game, a racing game set slightly in the future. 

I plan to release a free version with one track and global lap times.  Top 10 or so lap times when the full game is finished will win a free copy!

Well that’s the plan anyway….

ARDrone Sim – The future?

Well, a lot has happened since the release of ARDrone Sim. I’ve just got back from a camping trip & now it’s time to knuckle down for the updated versions for both Android & iOS, so what’s in store?


  • The iOS version will have the accelerometer fix that will take in to account the angle the device is at when the stage begins when using ’tilt mode’, this is already in the Android release.
  • A new desktop version that will support joysticks and hopefully the Macgyver mod handset (mine has been stuck in customs so I cannot confirm this yet).


These updates will be available ASAP and will take longer to appear on iOS due to Apples approval routine.

[styled_box]Another issue I’ve been seeing is the buttons and joysticks (HUD) are not showing up on Motorola Droid Bionic devices. No idea why but as a result it needs a complete redesign of the interface and will take some time. Look out for the next update (v3.0) which should fix this issue![/styled_box]

New website

At last I’ve finally got another website up & running!

Been so busy on the new mobile apps that I didn’t have time to renew my website, but no fear, here’s a new one. I’ll be working on it whilst also working on a new mobile game.