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Tips Are you new?
Hello everyone!

If your new to the forums and don't know how to do things this might help.

How do i change my profile picture and other things?
There's two ways doing this, First is going to the home page and clicking user CP under 'Welcome back, YOURNAME' if you can't find User CP you can click this link. (It's safe don't worry)

Is Carp Fish Sim only for PC, iOS and Android?
Yes, Carp fishing simulator is only for them platforms at the moment, I'm not sure about Mac.

How do i private message someone?
You can find there name by using the search tab at the top right or click private message which is located anywhere in the forums under the search tab.

If i sigh up is it free?
Sighing up to any forums is free.

Is Carp Fish Sim worth buying and playing?
Yes! you can run the game on almost any computer with good FPS, If you don't own the game and have no idea if your able to run it you can head to and it will tell you if your able to run it. (It says i can't run the game but i can, it's just my Graphics card memory is low. )

Who can i ask for help?
Anyone, we're all here to help others.

If you have any more questions feel free to comment down below or private message anyone.

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