PC Version Status

PC Version Status

I ‘ve been working away on the PC version again after updating the mobile version. Instead of creating a completely new version of the PC version, I’m using the same mobile project. This has allowed me to keep both the upcoming PC and the mobile version at the same level, with the same features and venues. It does have a downside though, it means I have to keep graphics (grass, trees and other details) to a minimum on the PC version as it still needs to work on mobile.

Doing this means I don’t have to work on essentially two different games and this has been a big part of why the PC version took so long. A lot of it was needing to be rewritten!

So, I’ve made a few changes to the steam page for the game, updated the logo and changed the price and I received a bunch of questions as the when the PC version will be released. The current plan is to fix some bugs related to the controls for PC, the mouse/keyboard and controller controls all had to be added and since the game isn’t so simple and the player can control a variety of different tackle, the controls are causing issues, but I’m nearly there now. So once I have these control issues sorted, I’ll be releasing the PC version and then I plan to go back into the venues and make them look nicer and fix any bugs that people will report.

The price for the game has increased as the game will soon be removed from early access and those that supported the game since it’s release on Steam in 2015 did so on the promise of getting the game cheaper than when it’s released. Those of you who have already purchased the game on Steam will not have to purchase it again, it is a free update for owners of the game. If you own it on Android or iOS then yes you’ll need to purchase it again.

There are no in app purchases on the PC version, multiplayer is included and yes, you can play with anyone on mobile too. The new lakes on mobile are included and are purchasable via in game coins as is the float rod and other real money purchases from the mobile version.

There is no date for the release of the PC version but it’s soon. I’ll either post when it’s available or when it’s ready to release. For now I will leave you with a few screenshots from the PC version.

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