UPDATE v1.6b

Finally had to release this update as you’d never end up playing it! There’s still issues I’d like to have fixed before releasing it but it would of pushed back this release to after christmas and that wouldn’t of been good. The main issue is that smaller fish, like Perch are fighting like a 10lb Carp. You can’t reel them in like you would in real life. I’ll be working on this for the next update in the new year.

So what’s new:

Changed the way striking works, you now have to select the rod that has the run on and press ENTER to strike.

New species: Grass Carp, Perch, Tench & Bream

Tackle and bait menu, you can now select your tackle and bait using the button in the top left of the screen. Baits are fully working, tackle is only partially working at the moment.

Added more trees

Remade all the menus

Fixed a bunch of errors

Added a bailiff type hut with catch photos in there near the car park.

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